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Achieve mobile results and scale by programmatically buying across RTB exchanges


The real-time bidding (RTB) ad exchanges see over a trillion mobile impressions a month, providing great opportunities for growth, but also much room for inefficient spend. Ensure mobile media success by working with the DSP that’s spent 5+ years building a mobile-focused RTB performance algorithm – and that has the results to prove it.

Mobile-first technology

Mobile-first technology

Optimizes in real-time around publisher, device, OS, creative, and more
Robust Targeting

Robust Targeting

Contextual, frequency caps, lat/long, carrier, gender, OS, device, and more


Over 38B impressions a day across banners, interstitials, videos,
and native ads

Benefits of DSP

Geared toward any goal –

Use the EVA DSP for user acquisition, brand awareness, hyperlocal, cross device retargeting, cross promotion, and app re-engagement

Premium Inventory –

access top mobile exchanges and leading mobile publishers

Fraud protection –

Highly visible in-app traffic and use of Device ID targeting minimizes viewability fraud and bot traffic

DMP Integration –

Improve performance by integrating with our data management platform to access EVA Mobile Personas, 1st party segments, and 3rd party audiences

Mobile Ad Formats

Mobile Ad Formats