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Smarter programmatic buying on brand performance

Now effective buying of video is even smarter and more strategic with EVA Video’s DSP & Analytics Platform. This first-of-its-kind, fully transparent video DSP balances price, reach, and performance so advertisers make the most of their investments.

Dynamically optimize through the brand funnel on all direct and programmatic activity from one platform. Easily compare video investments and measure what matters — from standard to sophisticated brand health metrics.

EVA Video DSP: The genius way to buy

    Viewability for programmatic video

  • Imagine if viewability was immediately actionable. It is with our DSP. Find the strong viewing environments you want and optimize to viewability in real time across multiple supply sources. Benefit from viewability while your campaign is running, not after the fact.
  • Dynamic optimization to any KPI

  • Easily set buying parameters based on your goals through the entire brand funnel. From reach to brand health and conversions, EVA DSP exposes all KPI performance on all impressions, for the entire campaign.
  • Create & run interactive creative everywhere

  • Create, deliver, measure, and analyze interactive video ad units with our DSP. We make it easy to increase engaged time spent with your brand through highly customizable, flexible formats or templatized best-practice units that be can turned around in 24 hours.
  • MRC-accredited measurement

  • We’re making it even easier for advertisers to leverage the power of video everywhere through trusted, accredited measurement. The Media Ratings Council granted continued accreditation to EVA for its viewability methodology, engagement rate, clicks, served digital video impressions, and unique cookies.
Industry first

Our video-centric viewability metric is first in the industry to receive the MRC’s accreditation
video forward


A common language between traditional and digital is a reality. Being the first to integrate Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings™ (GRPs) and comScore vCe, our technology pushes boundaries. So marketers can make smarter investment decisions from a level playing field.


Our partnership with DoubleVerify’s Network Bot Avoidance proactively maintains the highest quality and most effective content footprint for our DSP partners. Any ad call or bid identified as being related to bot traffic will be blocked by our technology in real time.


Create amazing ads once, run them everywhere. Our full-service creative team builds interactive ads within 24 hours for any player environment. With our creative toolkit, DSP clients can build and execute beyond the standard pre-roll; adapt to technology at greater speeds; and leverage real-time insights to adapt and tweak for superior campaign performance.